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    Need to replace my goggles. So what is/are the difference(s) in goggles going for $49.95 up to $150.


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    About $100.05.

    Goggles vary in quality and in price but the two are not tightly correlated.

    I like goggles with lots of room inside the glass - the type that claim you can wear eyeglasses inside them. The extra airspace, and particularly the extra ventilation, makes them less likely to fog up (but actually wearing glasses inside them tends to negate that advantage), and the larger coverage helps avoid frostbite in those gaps that your balaclava leaves around your eyes. For hiking, go with minimal tinting - you'll be wearing them in blizzard conditions when it's already fairly dark.

    In other words, the sort of ski goggle you can find for about $15 online.

    If you're above treeline often you may want to carry two of them, so if one fogs up you've got another one ready to wear.

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    No idea for between 50 and 150, but I can tell you there was huge difference between 10 and 60! The ten buck ones didn't get a seal on my face, and I got windburn skiing and on summits. Bought the cheapest pair in the Okemo Ski Shop one year (60) and they made a big difference, I do sometimes wonder what 150 gets you.

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