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    All I can say is that I hope the recent cold wave and the snows kill down the tick population!


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    Same here. I was afraid to go off trail all of last year because of them. Especially when I found a couple of them on me.

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    The thought is that heavy snow cover (such as the 5 feet depth we have now where I live) provides enough insulation from severe cold to keep the damn little critters happy and viable. Even though I have had mornings with actual air temp colder than -30F twice during this past week. That is very unfortunate.
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    Ticks = new cockroach
    Able to live through a nuclear war?

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    I"ve heard a hot, dry summer kills more ticks then a cold, snowy winter does.

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    Heard that you don't want a snow cover for tick killing, you want no snow and a horrible freeze so the frost goes way down. The snow is insulating. Too bad it snowed first this year!

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    As someone who had Lyme in 2017, here's hoping the snow melts in S. New England the next couple of days and then we get a few days of brutal cold again. Hard to say where I picked mine up but was more likely field related with the Scouts. I fear tall grass more than being in the trees or above them.
    Have fun & be safe
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