Today our goal was Galehead for our 1/2 winter 48. We met a nice man down at the 5 country corner parking area that told us if we drove to the picnic area and started there, it would cut off some of the road walk. I was nervous because I was unfamiliar with this but after we got ready, we headed there and met another man who was doing just that. We asked him if we could tag along through that section. He thankfully agreed. (at picnic are, we headed to the right (Beaver Loop Trail and then when we came to a blue arrow sign on a tree there was an obvious path to the right...we took that you come out in an open area...go to the right and the road is right there. From there it is about a 6 minute walk to the trail head)

Water crossings were doable. I walked up a bit where others also had to cross the first crossing as the ice across didn't look thick enough to hold my weight. the second crossing was also fine. On the way back I was a little nervous as things were melting but we made it back across both.

About a third of the way up there is some big postholes but easy not to get tangled in. (they look old)

Used micro spikes up and down. Trail was hard packed with some ice in spots but nothing bad. From the hut to the summit of Galehead we could have used snowshoes as there was a little fresh snow but now much at all.