Thought I would explore some of the Mansfield’s backcountry ski trails without having to worry about those backcountry skiers. Three to 6 inches of hard pack snow and ice at the Stevensville Parking area in Underhill. Bare ground spots throughout the woods. Wore light traction and carried snowshoes.

Feb 24, 2018 – Trails Frost Brook ski trail, Overland ski trail and Underhill ski trail. Headed up Frost Brook which is a woods road until reaching Overland. Overland is narrow, rougher and rocker. With 6-plus inches of new snow Frost Brook could be skied. A foot of new snow would not fill in all the dips or cover all the rocks on the lower portions of Overland. Climbed over the saddle between Mansfield and Dewy on Overland and around the Devil’s Dishpan. Descend to a small meadow where the Underhill trail splits off the Overland trail. Trails intersection were signed. Blazing is a red plastic rectangle nail high on trees. Blazing is far more sporadic then typically found on hiking trails. Continued along Overland to the intersections of the Bruce, John’s and South Road trails that connect into the Stowe network or trails. Turned around at this point as I was starting to break through the crust. Snow depth is higher on the Stowe side of Mansfield.

Just prior to the Dishpan a trail leads north and was signed “Big Ed’s Trail – 2010”. I am assuming it is alternative route around the Dishpan to the north but was unable to find signs of the trail after a few hundred feet. Could not find any information on this trail online or on maps.

Feb 25, 2018 – Trails Nebraska Notch and Long Trails to Taylor Lodge. Given today forecast of gusty winds and a mix bag of precipitation thought is was best to stay low and sheltered. When I arrived at the Stevensville parking area wind was roaring with snow and snow pellets falling horizontally. New snow amount of around 1 to 2 inches. Light traction is good for flats, climbs and slight descents. With a steeper descent the light coating of snow hides patches of ice and makes one step with caution. Six to 12-inches of new snow and Nebraska Notch could be skiable. Clara Bow trail was a combination of ice, hard pack snow, and bare rocks. Pup was not happy with this choice to return using this side trail vs the Long Trail. We climbed over the rocks to avoid the ladder and cave.