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Thread: Lincoln Woods, Wilderness and Bondcliff Trails to Bondcliff and Bond

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    Lincoln Woods, Wilderness and Bondcliff Trails to Bondcliff and Bond

    Date of Hike: June 16th, 2018

    Trail Conditions:Overall dry, Brook Crossing were easy, pay attention on Bondcliff to turn left and not cross Bondcliff Brook at the seemingly obvious crossing.
    Several downed tress on the Wilderness Trail, no issues on any other trail

    Special Equipment Required: It was 44 early one so my son needed a jacket, as it warmed up, the bugs started bitingso in the woods, bug spray was nice to have. Windy enough up high to have no bugs, a wind breaker for those who cool down quickly might be nice to have.

    Comments: - Picked this hike as the twenty mile RT day-hike for Nicholas' Hiking Merit Badge. Saw several people from CT on Bond including hikers from Ledyard and a Niantic Pemi Loop hiker who started at 3:30 AM and was on Bond just before 1:00 It took us eleven hours and 10 minutes although Nicholas probably could have done it an hour or more faster as I set him loose for the last mile and he beat me by five minutes not counting me stopping for pictures at the large, washout on Lincoln Woods. My first time up Bondcliff since 2006. Was on Bond back in 2015 from Zealand.

    Name: Mike P. & Nick P.
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    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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