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Thread: New Balance KOM Summits

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    New Balance KOM Summits

    I managed to wear out this years set of NBs to the point where I couldnt depend on them for an upcoming trip and the season is only half way over. I had a pair in inventory but wanted to fill the slot. I was roaming around the NB website and this new model came up. NB trail runners in the last few years have gotten decidedly light duty, some of them look like they should be thrown away after a good trail run. The KOM Summit looks like a blast from past trail runners with some improvements. The two improvements are a rock plate and toe bumpers. They also have switched to a vibram sole although I am not sure how much of an improvement that will make. There is less mesh overall compared to recent models. I have lived without a rock plate as my inserts have partial plastic insert but expect the rock plate is going to improve above treeline rock hopping. The toe bumper is a bit of blast from the earlier 800 series. More recent trail runners had little or no structure in the toe and kicking rocks could really be painful. Like many NBs this shoe is offered in 4E and size 13 so I am giving them a try.

    The other change is that there is far less stitching and far more "welded" seams. I used to wonder about welded seams but my winter new balances have welded seams and the seams are lasting as long as the surrounding material. I find that the stitched seams do not hold up from abrasion which is particularly a issue when bushwhacking

    Update, I took them on a hike today, the toe box is wide but not as wide as some other models. I have odd feet with my big toes pointing straight ahead so they are bit tight on the outside of my toe. Still, out of box up and down a mountain with no hot spots was a pretty good break in hike. I figure my heel will slide back a bit freeing up some toe room.
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