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Thread: Mt Clinton Road reopened from Crawford Notch end to Edmands Path parking

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    Mt Clinton Road reopened from Crawford Notch end to Edmands Path parking

    I needed to break in a new pair of trail runners for a trip to BSP later this week so decided to do Eisenhower. From Gorham the fastest route is over Jefferson Notch Road to the Base Station road. I had heard that the road was closed at both ends. I was curious to see the road condition that caused it to be closed. I was the first person to park at the barricade just off the base station road. This is not the first time I have walked the road and tried to guess the purpose of the cast iron pipe that runs along the west end. There is one major washout of about three quarters of a set of culverts over a stream. The road way is not totally washed out, there are barricades around the washout but in a pinch a vehicle could make it past if the remaining part of the road is not undermined and more importantly if there were not multiple barricades on the road on either side of the washout. In addition to the washout there is another pair of culverts that are silted in nearly 7/8's full.

    The walk is a pleasant one mostly flat with a few minor hills. It took me about 20 minutes to walk to the trail head where I was surprised to see 3 cars parked. There is a state DOT barricade just past the trail head. I had an uneventful hike up the summit. It was early and I didnt see a lot of hikers until I got to the ridgeline. I did have an interesting interaction with a confused southbound thruhiker who was on autopilot and missed the turn onto the Crawford Path that skirts the summit. I tried to explain that he was on the summit trail versus the Crawford path but it didn't sink in and he just didn't want to turn around and go back 100 feet to the junction. Eventually he grumbled and turned around and got on the right route.

    The summit was busy and getting busier as I headed down. The hike down was quite busy as I passed numerous hikers heading up. When I got to the trail head lot it was full with a few cars on the road. I took the right onto the closed section of the road expecting not to run into anyone. I was surprised to meet a older lady enjoying a walk along the road and then later another hiker heading in from the base station road. When I got to the base station road there were about 15 cars parked.

    Not sure when and if the state of NH is planning to reopen the road or if the reopening on the Notch end is permanent. The reality is the closed section is not really needed and the road bed is in very rough shape, there are numerous rocks working their way up though the pavement and at least three major streams needing new culverts.

    BTW, the cast iron pipe seems to be abandoned again. Someone was keeping it patched with some PVC repair sections several years ago. I think the head works up on Jefferson Notch was trashed during a weather event, there is stash of PVC pipes abandoned out in the woods that haven't moved for awhile. I still haven't traced the run to see where it goes but suspect its tied to the Mt Washington hotel.
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    great news, walked the road from 302 in July, did not understand why it was closed to Edmunds- road is rough as it has been for years, but usable, at least to the trailhead. Also great that Sawyer river road is open now as well.

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