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Thread: AT, Iron Bridge (Falls Village) - West Cornwall Road 2 Jul 2017

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    AT, Iron Bridge (Falls Village) - West Cornwall Road 2 Jul 2017

    Date of Hike: 2 Jul 2017

    Trail Conditions:
    -Conditions were very dry until an intense shower passed around 8pm.
    -If this trail gets wet, there will be slick rock in the vicinity of West Cornwall Road
    -2pm West Cornwall Road parking one spot left (4-5 cars)
    -If you are heading north, streams get dryer and dryer until you drop down to the Housatonic.

    Special Equipment Required: Bug Spray

    -Parked car at West Cornwall and rode bike north to Water Street for a late start at 2pm.
    -Water street: Easy to stash bike. Nice access to the Housatonic there for tubing/kayaking/canoeing-consider parking there and taking a tube/kayak down the Housatonic to Rt 4/7 (or further) , hike back up.
    -Trail magic crew there providing goodies to the thru-hikers.
    -Counted 4 thru-hikers
    -Counted 8 locals towards dusk heading to Sharon Mtn Campsite
    -Plenty of white tail deer, concentrated bird songs all along trail

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