I climbed Mt Lafayette on September 30 this year. At home I found an old photo taken on the mountain in November 1971. It's above timberline, but I can't identify where exactly it was taken. Can anyone help me out?

This was on an overnight trip with University of Vermont Outing Club. We hiked the Lincoln Woods Trail to 13 Falls Campsite. The next day hiked up to Mt Garfield, Garfield Ridge Trail, Greenleaf Hut, down Greenleaf Trail to I-93. Snow on the ground was minimal. The thing I most remember was how outraged I was walking in the dark two nights in a row. Why couldn't our leaders plan better? I was livid (inside). With later experience I came to see this was a trivial concern under the circumstances--short days of late fall, nice weather. I remember feeling incredibly vulnerable hiking so late in the season, fear of unexpected snowstorm, hiking in the dark, etc. I don't recall if I had a headlamp, but some members of the party did.

The person at left in the photo is a young Sanbu.

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