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Thread: Beaudry roads status

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    Beaudry roads status

    We recently went over all the 3k of the "Beaudry" (i.e. between the 27 and the 201, except for the Coburns) and the 4 3k of the reservation on the other side of the 27. If someone needs specific info, just pm me.

    The road to Spencer Bale needs a high-clearance car (fallen tree), same for the one leading to Van Dyke and Merrill (uncovered culvert), getting up to the highest point on the road leading to Leroy would also be challenging. The road leading to N. Brown and S.W. Rain on the south side was impassable, so we went on the longer one from the north, but road work is being done there currently and the area is heavily logged, nearly all the way up to S.W. Rain.

    Road to west flank of Rain was in bad shape, the one for Kibby was ok.

    There is a new road (shown on google maps, but not in the atlas) going closer to Moose from the south. Roads north of Peaked and the one north of Crispo pk (if you want to avoid the longer bushwhack from #6) are ok.

    Going from #5 to #6 is fun
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