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Thread: Most hidden trail head in the whites?

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    Most hidden trail head in the whites?

    Since I go hiking with redliners who are getting well on into their lists I have been getting to visit some definitely lesser used trails in the last two years. I thought it would be interesting to hear about some of the more obscure trailheads of the official trails in the WMG. I realize that many lesser used trails are initially accessed via private land that turn into FS roads but usually there is a universal hiker sign at the major road turn off. These still may involve quite a distance up a side road before the forest boundary is reached but at least there is the hiker sign at the main road.

    A few on my list

    Pine Mtn trail in Gorham - The trail starts in a gravel pit on private property accessed by an old road used as driveway behind a chained gate.

    The Mahoosuc trail in Gorham - Technically the trail head is on the edge of the androscoggin river next to a hydro canal accessed by a seasonal dirt road or a snowmobile trail. The landowner has posted some signage directing hikers in the general direction of the trailhead but has refused AMC permission to maintain a route to the trailhead.

    Halls Ledge Trail in Jackson - The trailhead was moved off private property at one point to a spot behind a guardrail in the ditch besides a bridge approach on RT 16 (diagonally opposite from Rocky Branch parking). The trail head sign is not visible from the road nor is there any parking nor any mention of it in the Rocky Branch Parking lot.

    So anyone else care to add to the list?

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    Gordon Pond Trail in N Woodstock. No sign on Route 112. You go up a driveway between two houses then turn right on a woods road.

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    Some trails in the Speckled Mt. area in ME, like Evergreen Link, Great Brook, Miles the middle of nowhere??

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    The eastern end of the Gordon Path in Sandwich. It's up a driveway and goes through a field.

    I recall the Mt. Stanton Trail being next to a driveway as well.

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    Definitely Gordon Pond. I had a hell of a time with the Shelburne Trail. Starts out as a forest road then the actual trail turns off marked only with a small cairn and ski poles. From the start I was seeing snowmobile trail signs so I figured I needed to keep following that road. Did an extra 2 miles or more of following these roads and skidder roads until I circled back and saw the marked trail. Nice walk though.

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    Mud Pond off Rte 16 in Easton.

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    Carr Mountain trail from the West used to be rather obscure getting there when I lived in Wentworth up until 2009. Maybe they have improved signage since then. I seem to remember that the trail up Stinson Mountain was a bit hard to find also.

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    I was thinking of Hutmans trail, but you mentioned it. GF and I wandered around there for several minutes trying to find the trail.

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    The Miles Notch/Haystack Notch one is a bit of an adventure. The Forest service didn't even get that one right, putting the wrong sign there for Miles Notch.

    A lot of the trails south of Moosilauke can be fun to find, especially if you're used to the Whites proper. Dan Doane has a real Deliverance feel to it.

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