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Thread: Jewell/Ammo Winter Lot Status

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    Jewell/Ammo Winter Lot Status

    May be a little premature but I was curious if the official trail head for Jewell and Ammo trails on Base Road is being left ungated and is getting plowed. I believe it was last Winter (or possibly 2 Winters ago) that Cog added parking attendants and a $10 fee at the Cog area and prompted someone to start plowing Ammo lot (I forget all the particulars). Just curious if that was going to be a permanent thing and Jewell Trail was getting foot traffic from the official lot so far this year. If anyone has been out that way since the snow started I'd appreciate the info. Thanks in advance.
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    Don't know the official answer, but I believe it was in response by FS to no footbridge over the Jewell Spur..last I knew they were gonna keep the Ammo Trailhead open and plowed..

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