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Thread: November Avalanche Danger? Considerable!

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    November Avalanche Danger? Considerable!

    Here is the Nov 27 avi report from the Mt Washington Avalanche Center in the new format. (Man, the ravines look so tiny!)

    Bottom line, it's dangerous in many west facing areas.

    New snow and wind will continue today, making natural avalanches possible. Dangerous avalanche conditions exist on and below steep slopes. Avalanche danger due to these wind slabs will remain elevated today and tomorrow as snow continues to fall and is redistributed by the wind. The new snow fell on a slick bed surface of refrozen snow created by recent warm temperatures and rain. This surface is likely to make wind and storm slabs even more sensitive to human triggering. All forecast areas have CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger. Today seems like a good day to visit your local ski area, glade or ski trail and give the storm a chance to clear out and the new snow to settle and bond.

    Click here to view the full report and associated terrain graphic depiction of the danger.

    And for all you snowshoe haters -- Only 31 inches at the stake at Hermit Lake.
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    Actually all the snow totals are in cm, not inches. Is that part of the new reporting standard - using metric units? I kind of like the graphical nature of the report and amount of data from current day and previous day at end.
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