Like any true good bushwhacker should, I put 1,040 miles on my car this weekend. Haha!

I trucked up to Greenville Maine Friday night and stayed at the Moose Mountain Inn which was an awesome motel because I knew how to use the remote control for the TV readily and easily. All hotels should be judged solely on the merits of how user-friendly their remote controls are. There are so many that you need a doctoral degree from MIT and NASA just to figure out how to get the satellite TV on and change the channel.

I got some intel that there is a herd trail from the top of Big Squaw ski area to the summit. My wife and I snowshoed up the ski area, only to learn that the upper part of Big Squaw closed years ago and now the ski area is the size of a back yard slip 'n slide.
Thus, we had to break the trail on the old ski trails to the top. We encountered some insane spruce traps where we plummeted through to our waist. Otherwise the snow held pretty good and we actually floated super well on the ascent. We had no trouble finding the herd trail to the summit which afforded astronomically great views of Maine in all directions. I hope to God they never put any windmills up in the Moosehead Lake area, that would be an atrocity. Might as well arrange the night Stars in the formation of the McDonalds logo.

We drove back to Brattleboro Saturday night. On Sunday, I drove up to the Canadian Border and climbed Brosseau Mtn. It was already broken out, which made the ascent easy. What a gem this mountain is. In my opinion among the best in all of Vermont. One can almost see from the NY border to the Maine border from the cliff lookout. You can readily see past Jay Peak and then all the way over to Mt Washington. It was just phenomenal. Brosseau is uncharacteristically super thick with conifers for Vermont. I was glad there was a trail; it would be a thick whack otherwise.

An awesome climbing weekend, time for an oil change again!

Spruce Trap Of Doom:

At summit of Big Moose Mountain in Maine

Another awesome view over toward Moosehead Lake

My wife on the herd trail from the top of the old unopen portion of Big Squaw ski area to summit of Big Moose

View from the cliff on Brosseau Mountain in Norton Vermont