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Thread: Compression sock advice

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    Compression sock advice

    As I decline into my golden years, my doctor suggests that compression socks may help with my swollen feet. Bode Miller in a WSJ article on Friday said he uses X Bionic, but a casual search says they run $80-150.

    Any advice to offer? Thanks.

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    I don't require compression socks but I find them very comfortable for various purposes and have a few pairs. Aside from the following recommendations, consider wearing an ordinary thin compression sock, available at drug stores, like a liner with your favorite sock over it.

    Dahlgren Alpaca makes a very comfortable sock with a blend of alpaca (which can be tolerated by people too sensitive to sheep's wool). They have compression socks but their knee highs, to me, are similar.

    L'Angelaine makes a kid mohair sock which I find is the warmest and most comfortable sock I ever wore! Kid mohair refers to the age and type of sheep it comes from ... they also make socks for kids, but probably not for sheep. Though not a compression sock per se, they have a therapeutic version. I find the knee high fits my purpose. They speak good English and are very helpful at the call in center.

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    I used these after swelling issues after breaking my ankle. Worked quite well.

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    They aren't an actual compression sock but I drive and stand quite a bit for work so I had bought some of the Darned Tough calf high wool socks (don't have the exact model). They come up just below the knee on me. I find they are "compression sock like" and cost far less than the price range you quoted. I have also tried compression socks (not full blown medical models) and don't really see a difference. May be worth buying a pair to see if you get the benefits without the cost.
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    Self-adhesive bandage wrap costs about $5 per roll, makes a fine sock with a little practice (wrap in a figure 8 around your ankle), wrap it as tight as you like and put a regular sock over it.

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    I've worn pro-compression Marathon Elite while hiking ( - a little cheaper than the X Bionics, although they're thinner than most of the woolies I've worn hiking. I'm not sure how warm they'd be in Winter, and fwiw, my feet felt really sweaty in them during a Fall hike. My legs felt great, and they do help with circulation issues, though.
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