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Thread: POLL: Your longest day?

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    About 18 hours. Broke my ankle at 14k on the other side of an out and back twofer. Took a long time to re-climb the first peak. As far as a non injury related hike, around 11 hours in CO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey J View Post
    I'm just on the JV team compared to most of you but I do have a couple of 12 hour ventures in the Whites. The Bonds out and back from Zealand Rd included a lot of photography on a gorgeous September day and having company somehow made that one seem easier. I did a solo out and back to Owls Head (on trail/no bushwhacks) in August 2015 and picked one of the hottest days of the summer to do it with temps around 85-86F. I probably set a personal record for water consumption on that one.

    PS At what point does a long hike become a death march? Is it determined by time, i.e. >12 hours? Or by time and circumstances?
    I would say circumstances. I did a 29 mile hike of the "other Pemi loop" (Signal Ridge>Carrigain Notch>Shoal Pond>Thoreau Falls>Wilderness and back) that duration-wise was not my longest hike (although it was up there) but mental capacity wise it definitely was. I wasn't in tip top shape when I did it. I basically wanted to see exactly how far was my limit at the time, and came pretty close to finding it. Lot of fairly uninteresting miles on that loop, lots of mud and many step over blow downs. Was a mental thing and is still one of the first hikes that comes to mind when I think of "longest".
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikehikeskifish View Post
    Strava to the rescue! 20 longest hikes by distance, descending.

    Name Date Distance Moving Time Elapsed Time Elevation
    Pemi Loop with West Bond 2018-06-22 31.9 13:19:42 14:41:15 9684
    Pemi Loop 2013-09-19 29.33 12:30:32 15:38:57 9009
    Pemi Loop 2017-10-01 28.51 11:00:27 13:12:00 8829
    Owl's Head Garfield and Galehead 2015-06-07 23.46 10:34:27 13:26:57 7059
    Wapack Traverse - S -> N 2017-04-16 22.51 8:41:33 9:28:05 4691
    Zealand - Bonds 2015-01-24 22.49 8:35:13 11:12:12 4483
    Bonds-Zealand-Hale 2014-03-10 21.72 8:41:52 10:39:33 5849
    Brothers Fort Coe 2017-03-06 21.01 10:19:08 18:26:47 5053
    PT Madison -> Pierce 2015-08-08 19.05 9:28:04 11:26:22 8611
    Owl's Head 2017-09-02 18.8 5:02:24 7:27:28 3027
    Presidential Traverse 2016-01-08 18.7 8:33:51 11:11:04 8383
    Owl's Head 2017-10-14 18.44 5:19:28 7:44:32 3058
    Southwest Twin 2015-10-11 17.59 7:19:37 11:37:37 3251
    Hale Zealand Twins 2015-08-02 17.41 7:44:14 10:10:29 5617
    Tripyramids-Whiteface-Passaconaway 2017-04-30 16.58 5:29:04 11:45:36 4963
    Owl's Head 2016-07-01 16.49 5:24:07 7:09:46 2986
    Crawford Stairs Resolution Parker Langdon Pickering Stanton Whites Ledge 2017-08-27 16.38 4:54:56 8:01:04 5130
    Owl's Head 2016-12-04 16.16 6:30:00 7:29:18 3081
    Owl's Head 2014-08-30 16.13 6:27:18 8:08:46 3060
    Owl's Head 2014-03-03 15.99 5:36:46 7:23:34 3074

    8 hours of not moving on the Brothers/Fort/Coe hike? Was it the slow going?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohamed Ellozy View Post
    26 hours, no bivy, floundering in deep snow on bushwhack descent from West Bond
    I remember that trip report! Learned a lot from your collective experience.
    Not sure what number to say for mine. Couple around 14 hours, but one that included an unplanned night out after getting lost was 17 hrs of hiking plus about 6.5 makeshift-camping, in the Sierras.
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    23 hours and 13 minutes, a Hut to Hut Traverse with Owl's Head and Isolation added in. Caught sunrise from the Lincoln Slide dropping into the Pemi Wilderness and sunset from Osgood Ridge. Loved being in the heart of the White Mountains for almost 24 hours, it puts a smile on my face whenever I think back on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJsName View Post
    8 hours of not moving on the Brothers/Fort/Coe hike? Was it the slow going?
    There were extended sections of slow going and extended stays on summits since the weather was stellar.

    Bike, Hike, Ski, Sleep. Eat, Fish, Repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakbagger View Post
    I was with them !
    Durrr, that's what I get for skimming through it too fast.

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    I've had a few hiking days that were more than 12 hours, but the one that seemed the longest was when three of us hiked for about 5 hours and then built an igloo. We finished after dark, were too tired to eat and after several hours of light rain with a westerly wind, the igloo collapsed on us at around 2:30 a.m. We packed up and hiked around 7 miles back to the car.

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    20 hours.

    Mt Whitney. Got off route on Mountaineers Route and got delayed on long scramble.

    Highlight: the culoir and class 3 to the summit.

    Low point: concurrent vomiting and diareah near summit.
    - Dave (a.k.a. pinnah)

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    I think this one: 17 hours before unplanned bivy, then a couple hours sleep and another hour or so of walking before getting a ride.

    This one was also about 17 hours:

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    About 21 hours on the Brothers, Fort, Coe loop. That included several hours of unplanned bivouac as we lost the trail at the bottom of the Coe Slide. We had started late so it wasn't really a surprise; had just arrived in the park and concluded this would be the best day of our visit to do this hike. The weather moved in quicker than forecast and, feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed though a bit hungry at first light, passed up an OJI descent to Kidney Pond in favor of a longer safer route back to Marston Trail and the Perimeter Road.

    Highly recommend everyone plan for an unplanned bivouac at some time.

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    One of the three, about 16 hours on my first attempt at a Pemi-traverse the month before the VFTT Presi-Traverse trip in 2006.

    A trip up Zugspitze where I started the second day at Reintal Hut, went to the top, down the Hollental Valley and then continued hiking until I was back at the US Recreational and camping facility near the base

    Including the ride, 22 hours from the Vernon Manchester CT line to Katahdin and then back to the health club where I started from. (one of the dumbest things I have done which is hard to pick from a litany of other dumb things)
    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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    12-13 hours (Katahdin). Early October, deteriorating conditions. Also accompanied a hiker who'd been left part way up Saddle trail while the rest of her group summitted. Waited at Chimney Pond (under the shelter) until her party showed up, so that stretched out the end of our hike.

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    In the Whites about 28 hours doing a winter 13-peak Pemi Loop, including Owls Head. Lots of trail breaking.

    Outside the Whites ~32 +/- hours at Hardrock 100 x 3 and Barkley x 2.

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    OMG, I remember laughing out loud at this sentence years ago,

    “3 AM: I've taken the North Lincoln exit onto route 3”

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