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Thread: Garmin Express on my PC was hacked

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    Garmin Express on my PC was hacked

    Last Wednesday I clicked on Garmin Express to see if there were any updates. I noticed that there was an update for Garmin Express itself so I downloaded it. When I did interestingly the icon for Garmin Express disappeared from the computer. I also noted then that there was a map update so I downloaded that. It seemed to take an unusual amount of time to download.

    Also about the time I downloaded the update for Express I received a message from Google that an unknown computer had tried to log in to my account with the correct password but it had been blocked until I authorized it. Of course I didn't and it was permanently blocked. At the time I hadn't associated the "hack" with Garmin.

    When the maps finally downloaded I clicked on install and for the first time ever the installation failed. I contacted Garmin and a technician informed me that my Garmin Express files had been corrupted and that's why it would not install. He offered for a price to fix everything.

    I opted to go to my Antivirus software company to have them fix things. They told me my E-mail and banking were totally exposed. Anyway after a couple of hours we got the computer cleaned up. I was worried that the GPS might have been bricked but to my relief when I finally got around to trying it out it worked. I next deleted the Garmin Express and reinstalled it. It seems to be working fine and told me my maps were up to date. The icon also reappeared on the computer.

    Just though I'd let folks know.
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    Thanks. Good to know.

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    That is interesting indeed. I just spent a significant amount of time screwing around with a computer issue that I started having this week and Garmin Express seems to have been a factor. I uninstalled Basecamp and Garmin Express, among other programs. I pretty much use CalTopo for everything now so I just load the GPX tracks directly from my GPS now (which BaseCamp was not recognizing with this recent problem). I wonder if that is what was impacting me as well. Damn computers.....
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