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Thread: Lower elevation peak suggestions

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    If you do not mind going south of the border and like Boston city skyline views try Mt. Wachusett. Only summit I have been to where there is a gold fish pond ! From my experience most mountains with the attributes you describe are going to be crowded. Chocorua was very crowded when I was there 2 years ago. But for good reason, it is a great "little hill". For Vt, Mount Hunger is a great peak under 3800'. Also Mt Belvidere & Ethan Allen peak just south of Camel's Hump on the Long Trail. [preach]Be aware the Green Mountain Club closes high elevation trails from ~April 15 to Memorial day for mud season, see their web page for details. [/preach] Others covered NH & ME much better then I could. You did not ask about NY but the Tongue range at Lake George & Pharoah Mt wilderness would be among my favorite hikes given your criteria.
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    Wachusetts! A favorite partly because near where I grew up in eastern Mass. So where is the gold fish pond? I've hiked several times, don't recall seeing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanbu View Post
    Baldface sounds really nice. I never heard of it before. Don't even know where it is, gather it's near the NH/ME border, but is NOT the same as Baldpate. I've seen a few pics here and there on VFTT. Would appreciate a link to a nice trip report with pics. My AMC guide is half way around the world from my present location...

    Here's some info on the Baldfaces:

    There are additional peaks in Evans Notch, some with fine views from the summit, but the Baldfaces give you an extended above-treeline hike.

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Cardigan yet. Fine little peak with options for an extended above-treeline hike north over Firescrew. If you like to scramble, Holt trail is among the steepest in NH, but short and fun (in good weather).

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    If you go to google maps and go into satellite view mode and zoom on on the summit area you can see the pond, the Mountain House trail goes around it on 2 sides. I was surprised to see gold fish there last summer. I have no clue what they do with the fish in the cold months. Fish them out & keep them in an aquarium until the following summer ? I thought gold fish were tropical and would die in frozen ponds, but there they were.!4d-71.8797161

    Edited to add the Baldfaces look terrific, on my bucket list, I have never hiked them after ~30 years in New England ...
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    You may like the mountains in my “backyard,” the Willoughby Lake region of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Specifically Wheeler Mountain and Mount Pisgah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakbagger View Post
    TSunday River Whitecap in Grafton Notch via the maintainers path has 360 views and is not that hard if you use the unofficial maintainers route (its 18 miles round trip via Grafton Loop trail versus far shorter via the maintainer path.

    It's only 11ish miles if you hit it via GLT from the south.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some shots of the Baldface loop.
    Sorry those last 2 are sideways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshandBaron View Post
    It's only 11ish miles if you hit it via GLT from the south.
    Agreed -- about 5 miles more than the aforementioned shorter route.

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    I don't think anyone has mentioned the Ossipee range. Some great hiking here in a geologically interesting landscape. These mountains are the remains of ancient volcanic ring dike.

    The view of the southern Presies from Mount Shaw (2,990 feet) is quite unique, and most of the trails in the range are overgrown carriage roads that have moderate grades and open views.

    Shaw is a great hike as is Roberts + Faraway.

    Follow up the walk with a cool one at Castle in the Clouds Carriage House restaurant located next to the Shannon Pond trailhead!

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