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Thread: Oncoman completes Catskill

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    Oncoman completes Catskill

    Many years ago I had decided to keep Black Dome for my finish. Not the most beautiful one, but I liked the name.
    So on 20 April 2019 I summited Black Dome with the rain to keep me company. Zero views on ledge near top due to fog. Minimal icy spots on steep part of trail near summit.
    BTW ticks are already at work. One got me on my belly and I noticed only 2 days later. By then it's head was already deeply sinked in.
    Besides completing CAT100 I also completed on that day CAT150 & CAT2650+ ft, as well as NY3K's and North East 100 most prominent.
    Will now pursue my NY500 & ADK400 lists.
    Happy trails to you all, Pierre
    "Getting to the top is optional; getting back down is mandatory". Maxim of Ed Viesturs, the first American to have climbed all 14 of the world's 8,000 meter peaks.

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    Glad to see you are still out completing lists, even if you are the only one working on some of them!

    If you PM me, I can arrange to send you a CAT 100 Patch.
    Tom Rankin
    Volunteer Balsam Lake Mountain
    Past President Catskill 3500 Club

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    Pierre, I kept a roster of Catskill 100 finishers. PM me and I'll get your stats on the register.
    "The fact that going off the deep end appears
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    in this life has not escaped me." Jim Harrison

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    Absolutely phenomenal accomplishment Pierre, congratulations. I'm hoping you and Carl will someday find some other peaks in Baxter for winter ascents.

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    Oncoman is still THE MAN!

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    Congratulations !!!
    "You are never really alone in the mountains. Something is there , and you will find it in yourself"
    Ralph Ryndak

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    Nice work Pierre!! No unclimbed list can withstand your phenomenonal peakbagging abilities!

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