According to what is printed on my old T-shirt from Limmers, they have been making hiking boots since 1919. However their web site history has a few other dates. If they are really 100 years old this year, there ought to be some kind of centennial celebration at the "Old Green Barn". Of course it is no longer green, but always will be in my memories. Somehow this should be communicated to all the former Limmer boot owners world wide.

" The wooden walls of the Civil War-era building that houses his shop are covered with photos of hikers who have sent back pictures of their feet in Limmer boots on various summits. For example, two feet 8,000 feet above Lake Tahoe belonged to William Loeb, the late publisher of The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News.

Another grateful owner sent a photo of his feet in the boots at the last Grateful Dead concert with the notation, “Jerry’s gone, but our Limmers rock on.”

Others who have worn Limmer boots include the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, a maharaja from India, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, former ice skating star Dick Button and consumer advocate Ralph Nader, according to Limmer’s mother, Marianne. She is quick to point out that Nader had no complaints." Excerpted from (1997 & 2011)