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Thread: Ever heard what Lynx sounds like ?

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    Ever heard what Lynx sounds like ?

    Definitely would get me worried if I heard that out in the woods.

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    Definitely creepy. Looks like it is part of mating behavior between two males possibly.
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    I've not heard a Lynx, but several times a bobcat in the Adirondacks. But nothing like my first experience. My dad shot a deer in his usual fairly remote hunting spot deep in the woods. Late in the day, he came home to pick up my mother to help drag the deer out. My job, at age 8 or 10 as I recall, was to hold the flashlight and stay on the trail next to them so they could see where to go. As they dragged, my parents had to keep calling out to me to stay back with them with the light because I kept going way too far ahead. Suddenly a bobcat let loose with the most frightening scream I have ever heard, including to this day. Well, that was certainly the end of my wandering more than a couple of feet from my parents until we reached the truck at the road.
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    I've heard something like that before 40+ years ago when I lived in Napa Valley of CA. A buddy and I had buddy hiked up to a high point near basalt lava flow cliffs overlooking Calistoga CA. We cooked our meals, got a buzz on, enjoyed the city lights of the valley down below, and bedded down for the night. We were awakened in wee hours of the night by blood-curdling screams immediately outside our flimsy nylon tent. No idea whether it was one cat or two cats having an encounter. My bet is our high point camp site was territory of some lynx (or some other large cat) and he was not happy with our choice of camp sites. My companion who was Vietnam vet said he hadn't been that scared since undergoing middle of night mortar attack. We just shook like leaves in our bags too afraid to look outside or shine a light to see what the heck it was. It eventually stopped but it was real hard going back to sleep. Of course our house cat makes similar noises when a neighbor's cat comes in the yard. We like to refer to it as kitty Kibuki theater because that's what it sounds like. That whole region of Napa Valley was burned up in wild fires from year or two back. I wonder what it looks like now.

    Skiguy's YouTube video is definitely what we heard - very scary. My skin crawls to remember it. We thought screaming sounded like someone torturing a baby. We didn't have you tube back in those days. I had to go to the library to research our experience.
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    I had a close encounter with a Fisher, he was pissed and I thought he was going to attack me. Makes a lynx sound like a lullaby.

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    I've heard that sound in my backyard ... a couple cats in heat ... but aren't they beautiful? Halfway through the video one stops and has the look, "Hey, wait a minute, there's lunch with a free camera."

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