I'm in that 2nd home demographic and seriously considered northern New England, having bid on a few places and going as far as a P&S on one. The objection to me is that I wanted to limit travel to under 2 1/2 hours in order to enjoy the place year round and frequently while my favorite places are generally 4-6 hours away. Instead, I got something closer to home (Cape Cod) with access to the amenities that would make it feasible as an eventual primary home ... the getaway then would move 1000 miles south! There is no better investment than real estate, IMNSHO, and while it all takes some mix of sweat equity, time and cash, it sure beats a keyboard in building up retirement capital.

As for MH&T, I think they are terrific facilities with a terrific vision and, though currently stalled, will eventually fulfill that vision but few industries can create a market, most must serve a market and those that do that best thrive.