Tail Conditions: Started out clear then turned to small monorail, more snow. Going over the ridge more snow and tiny monorail with a mixture of sometimes no snow. Water crossing on way out has a large tree you can walk across or the river was rock hop able.

Special Equipment required: Waterproof boots, microspikes and trekking poles helped with trying to stay on monorail and slipping.

Comments: We went up Blueberry Ledge Trail. Ledges were clear of snow but there was snow/ice in between them. The way across the ridge went from lots of snow with a thin monorail to no snow back and forth. Snow turned very soft and was quite slippery across. On way up Passaconaway, trail started as a stream and then went to thin monorail. Microspikes were very helpful to stop from slipping all over. Downes Brook Trail was clear. Bugs were nonexistent until we got to the car. If there wasn't a stiff breeze, we would have needed bug nets.