We went up the Osceola Trail from Tripoli road and started our bushwhack at the last switchback that curves to the right before you hit the summit of Osceola. When we did Middle Osceola on Monday, there was a cairn, but today there was not. It is obvious if you look, you will see a heard path that starts. We had the heard path for a bit and then you will see a big rock with a couple of downed branches that have a small cairn on it, go right there and not to the left. We followed a gps track that I got off another site and the off and on herd path. There is a sign and a canister with a handle on middle Osceola. I didn't see it at first but looked around and spotted the blue cover to the canister. We then continued over to West Osceola which drops into the col and then up. Again, we followed a gps track and off and on herd path. The way up West right before the summit was steep especially climbing on "Peggy's Perch" but it was worth it. Beautiful views. We went into the woods a bit to find the canister and handle (no sign) signed in. (P.S. if anyone is going, please bring a new book. Pages are full) We then backtracked and went up Osceola from the trail to just enjoy the views and headed down.

The bugs weren't too bad. A few mosquitos.