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Thread: Backpacker Magazine article on JR Stockwell - NH hiker extraordinaire

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    Backpacker Magazine article on JR Stockwell - NH hiker extraordinaire

    Well written article on an interesting fellow.
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    Thanks so very much for posting that, Dave. I had heard of the legendary JR some number of years ago when he was working the 48, and things like "he's like a ghost" is pretty much the impression I've had. I was shocked to see an actual picture of him in the article!

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    He shows up in Steve Smith's blog from time to time like a time when they teamed up to bushwhack entire length of Carr Mountain which is a good read. I had a close encounter with JR once when I bushwhacked to Greens Cliff off the Kanc. I was signing into the bottle register and found he'd been there only couple of hours before me which is peculiar for place gets visited maybe only once a month or so.
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    Very interesting. I like his style and the comparison to Guy W. is spot on.

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