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Thread: Kayak Buying Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by DayTrip View Post
    I'm fairly tall at 6' 3" and definitely don't want a snug fitting cockpit for whatever I get. That is definitely a nice thing about the canoe. You can stretch and move your legs around without any restrictions. We just drove by Kittery on our way home and I was just thinking how long it's been seen I went there. I think over 30 years now. I remember it being huge but now that we have massive stores like Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops I was curious how it compared. It is way bigger than even those stores wasn't it?
    Cabela and Bass Pro Shop have a warehouse feel to them with the high ceilings. Don't get me wrong they are big stores. Kittery has lower ceilings but they pack a lot into their departments and have an amazing amount of product. I think they have one of the better clothing sections out there, brand wise. Their fishing and boating depts. are second to none, but they really excel in customer service. They actually have knowledgeable sales people. Granted there may be exceptions, but I always ask for someone that really knows their stuff and I find them. I had to rig my car with racks. They told me to buy the factory rails from Subaru verse the Thule, that alone saved me 200 bucks. I did buy the Thule racks and they are fantastic. If I had to categorize Bass Pro and Cabela's, I would say if you hunt or fish they are fantastic. For the hiker or boater (small boats), they really don't have much to offer. Kittery is a hikers dream store, at least I think so. Oh, never leave there without hitting every clearance rack they have.

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    Another thing about Kittery Trading Post, it is big enough for you to get lost in your departments and your wife to get lost in hers! They offer discounted prices on most items and note the clearance racks as sierra points out. One of the first places I go when I start my Christmas shooping ... or anywhere in Maine for that matter.

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