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Thread: Camping off the Greeley Ponds Trail

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    Camping off the Greeley Ponds Trail

    Myself and 2 other friends are doing a 4 day camp and been looking at the Greeley Ponds trail because of the Ponds, Flume and Osceola. Can you still get to the Flume from Greeley Pond trail? I have read that there was a good camp site about a 1/2 mile on the old Flume trail off of GPT and I know the new trail is Irenes Path off of Livermore. Other spots I was thinking was High Camp or an area that is just outside the protective area near some water. On a separate note has anyone bushwhacked to the bases of the cliffs at either side of the ponds?

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    If one of the cliffs you 're interested in is the Painted Cliff on the western side of the gpt, i just went there last week. Bushwhack wasnt too bad, i left from the closest point on the gpt, about 0.47 miles away. There are several bands of fir trees to slog through, but the approach is easy compared to attempting it from the timber camp trail.
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