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Thread: Anyone Hiking after Knee Replacement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCaper View Post
    I disagree. One should listen closely to those with advice who have been there and done that. And take their advice with other information rather then from anyone who never been there and copy's and paste's off the web at random.

    I will not bother to try to post the sources as it took many hours to find and sort thru all the old data,testimonials,etc. Not to mention countless videos of the many different procedures,lectures I obtained.

    Anyone thinking of Total Knee Replacement's will have to spend the time I did and effort to find the right surgeon and process that works for them.
    Did you ever consider your experience might not be universal?

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    I'm grateful for all of your replies. It's comforting to hear some real world advice from those who've had the procedure. And of course always follow up with a DR and then a second opinion as well.

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    A good patient will learn whatever they can from a variety of sources, I prefer medical related references, but the personal advice from a source like VFTT should be weighed as I've found the members here to be a generally knowledgeable and sincere source ... BTW, I'd take a 15 yo Pappy van Winkle as a copay for that advice!...

    Consider though that the same medicine, surgery or procedure can vary tremendously from one person to the next and, over time, presumably improved. Discuss it thoroughly with your doctor and any doctor who will not engage attentively in this conversation is probably not one worth relying upon. One caveat, though, surgeons are often not noted for their bedside manner ... be careful of passing up on the "best" for the people skills.

    The best advice we've received on whether or when for cataracts and joint replacements (my wife had three) was, "You'll know!" And because you'll know, whatever risk or long term expectations will become secondary to the main mission though with knees it has become so routine that you can be optimistic about the outcome.

    PT, PT, PT ... getting up and going has become an aggressive part of recovery. It seems now to be more of a question of 'what are my limits and when can they be lifted' as opposed to 'what can I start doing and when'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BISCUT View Post
    I'm about to turn 47 and probably will be retired in a year to a low speed part time job. I'm petrified I won't be able to hike. Hoping to hear from some successful knee replacement hikers!
    I've had arthroscopic knee "buff & flush" procedures twice. Next time time going for a replacement. This surgery is so routine at this point that it really is a no-brainer.

    Have it in a good facility, with a well respect knee specialist and then bust your ass doing the proscribed physical therapy.

    I tried to hike too soon after one of my arthoscopics and paid the price. There are no shortcuts back to fitness. You gotta earn it!

    I know Audey's husband Pat had replacement and resumed hiking pretty much just like before. He was substantially older than you.

    Best, cb
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