A few months back I bought a DSLR camera (new but an older, bulkier design). As the weather has cooled off I'm a bit hesitant to take it out on hikes. The manual says the low end of the operating range is 14 deg F. I had an old point and click Canon years ago with the same specs that I've used in temps well below zero but given the cost of the new camera and all the moving parts I'm nervous pushing it. It does have a weather sealed design if that means anything with the cold.

For the DSLR users on here do you take your camera out in Winter temps? Any tricks or tips to keep it in proper working order - putting a hand warmer in carry case, etc? It's been a bummer going back to cell phone pics as the weather cooled off. Would love to get great pictures of the Winter landscape but I don't want to break it. Thanks in advance for any advice.