Hiked Adams and Madison on 12/26/19 up Airline over to Adams. Airline started out packed snow but as you got higher there was lots of large ice to get around. Once we broke treeline, there was a mixture of bare rock and ice patches. We tried to go without spikes but then you would run into ice. We wore microspikes the entire day.

Going up Adams there was more snow, patches of ice and bare rock.

Going over to Madison the "stairs" going down to the hut were very ice covered making it very slippery. I should have put on my trailpros but was lazy. Madison started out with hard packed and then again went to rocks and ice.

Going down Valley Way was hard packed turning to sections of large ice as we got lower to ice near bottom.

We wore microspikes all day. I bought our Trailpros just in case but we didn't use them. snowshoes weren't needed.