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Thread: Warm weekend

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    Warm weekend

    I know its just Tuesday and the forecast can change, but just for the record, the forecast is for 54 and rain on Saturday in North Conway and close to 2.5 days without it getting below freezing. Holy cow!


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    It's 58 degrees in Southern VT! Rain is suppose to start here later tonight. Hopefully we don't lose too much of the snow base.


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    Was up over 60 in Gorham. Things are melting big time but the winds have been quite. Statistically the next two weeks have are the coldest weeks of the winter. Many years its been 80 degrees colder (-20) and I have lived through some -30 F stretches.

    Interesting when I check the obs website the current temperature at 3:10 PM Saturday is 110.3 deg F and 38 deg F at the summit.
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