I'm coming up to do Mt. Doublehead cabin for the night on Feb. 27 and will arrive the day before, for a night at the White Mt. Hostel in Conway. I've got two friends who will join me. One is a backcountry skier, like me, the other is more comfortable on less steep terrain. Since we'll be skiing the Doublehead trail the following day I think the bc skiers will have at least one thing that is more suited to them. I'd like to find a place where we could go during the afternoon of the 26th that might suit us all. Ideas that I am considering are a Greeley Ponds (or similar) ski tour or a hike to some worthy destination.

The less skiing inclined member of the group and I have combined our interests on occasion. Last winter, after a Baldpate slog, we went lift-served skiing the next day and then, after a night at the hostel, on the way home stopped in Warren to go find Waternomee Falls. The W.F. trail was skiable for me and snowshoeable for my friend. Going up we were well matched in our pace and going down, since it took me a little while to get things buckled down, etc. we weren't too far apart in getting back to the truck. Something like that can work too.