If you want to see a very cool climbing move be sure to get to The Nose Speed Record when it's in your area. I saw it as part of the Reel Rock Film Tour.

This wild flick documents Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell's attempt to set a new record climbing the Nose route in El Cap. The speed climbing is dangerous and falls are spectacular. Caldwell take a 100 footer and is uninjured! (Other climbers appearing the the movie are not so lucky.)

What's amazing to me is the nonchalance these super athletes bring to the project: running up the Nose route day-after-day in attempts shave minutes off their time and beat the record held by Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds.

It's a great move with a bittersweet tinge. Many scenes involve Gobright and Reynolds as they observe, heckle and support the guys trying to take their record away. Watching the engaging Gobright and knowing he'd be killed in a rap accident in Mexico months later was a bummer.

But even so, this is a must see if you are into climbing. It really illustrates how today's top climbers are in an elite class of athletes with the powers of super-heros compared to the rest of us.