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Thread: Question on High Peaks Parking in early June

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    Question on High Peaks Parking in early June

    Would 5:45 on a Saturday Morning get me a spot? Thinking a friend and I and our very fast teens may do Algonquin and Iroquois. The teens can drive themselves. My friend & I can get up very early and hike slower while the teens get there at 8:00 walk a mile or so on the road and catch us a near the summit or between the two.
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    5:45 should be no problem. Depending on the weekend and weather, etc., 8:00 might be a road walk...

    One alternative is you can stay at a leanto near Heart Lake for about $50.00, (parking is included), and not have to worry about getting a spot, although I'm not sure when 'check out' is from the leanto parking area. Details here
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