I'm looking at trying to line up a hike for my annual OH/KY work trip in late March in case weather and circumstances allow. One area that caught my attention was in Virginia. In particular, there is a trail head with parking on Rte 56 that would allow for either doing "The Priest" or "Chimney Rock" and Three Ridges. They both seem to be comparable lengths and verticals. Did some basic research and the trail to Chimney Rock sounds more interesting to me but they both seem like decent hikes. The trail head in question is going to be about 5 1/2 hours or so from my KY job so I'll probably stay in the Lexington area the night before so I will have a full day to hit either of these hikes.

Anybody been in that area before that could weigh in with any info on the hikes, trail comps, etc? I seem to remember when I asked a more generic version of this question last year that somebody mentioned The Priest. Also, any guestimates on what type of conditions I might expect in late MAR for Virginia? Based on the elevations I'm guessing it'll be comparable to the Catskills maybe, i.e. probably most snow gone except sheltered spots, still some ice, etc.? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.