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Thread: Passaconaway Slides 2/5/2020

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    Passaconaway Slides 2/5/2020

    Parking: TH Parking lot is plowed.
    Surface Conditions: 12-15" Snow - Breakable Crust
    Recommended Equipment: Snowshoes, Light Traction

    All water crossings were intact, but there were many openings revealing much deep hollows that made us worry some. Fortunately some BC skiers had visited the area prior to us so we didn't need to find our own routes across the many water crossings on Downes Brook.

    Going in trail was well packed frozen hard by a party of skiers who visited the slides prior to us. Going out trail was softening somewhat. We encountered breakable crust snow on the slide. Ski tracks by BC skiers indicated they had pretty good day, but suspect conditions were not ideal for them. We found conditions were pretty good for snow shoe travel. We were able to snow shoe the ledges and snow fields with confidence and it was not very difficult bypassing the ledge steps. The shallow snow and snow bridge enabled us to go directly up one particularly deep gully normally requires strenuous bypass. We got close to top most slab but had reached turnaround time needed for my drive back south. We also wanted to leave time for leisurely exit of this magical place.

    One of the more worrisome crossings.

    Beginning of the slide track

    One of the first ledge shelves this one we were able to ascend directly

    One of my prettiest shots

    One of the bigger ledge shelves needed bypass

    The full photo set can be viewed below:
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    Been meaning to say thanks for these TR's. I do enjoy them greatly!

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    Wonderful pics from a bluebird day.

    Thanks for posting.
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