Really off topic question, even for me, but the vast amount of travel experience on this forum is hard to ignore so I apologize in advance for the odd question. My wife and I are going to be taking 5-6 days off in early to mid-March and we're looking to do something unconventional for a short getaway. I think we've settled on the idea of an off season (i.e. not Key West), ocean side getaway somewhere with good food and good drinks in a town that is essentially a walk around place. Anyway, without boring everyone to tears with our deliberation process the idea of Halifax in Nova Scotia came up. We've wanted to visit there for awhile now (admittedly in warmer weather though) and from what I'm seeing and reading online it looks like it fits the bill. It's only an 11 hour drive from us in CT and allows for several side trips on the way there and back so it offers a lot of flexibility too for altering the itinerary. Looks like the ferries don't run in Winter and flights were relatively expensive given our short window so the drive makes sense.

So I guess what I'm trying to determine is the following:

1) It looks like a nice easy ride on sizeable highways. Has anyone made this drive/driven in the area before that would weigh in on it? Are there poor roads, should I expect wintry conditions along the coast for that time of year, etc?
2) Will Halifax be a desolate ghost town in March or does it have a year round "scene"? Several of the websites I've been to advertise various year round excursions and activities and most of the downtown restaurants do not appear to be seasonal.
3) If you have actually been there do you have any recommendations for a hotel, restaurant, excursions, etc?

Any info at all would be helpful. Apologize again for the weird, non-hiking question.