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Thread: Hiking and Iron deficiency anemia

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    Hiking and Iron deficiency anemia

    I am writing on behalf of a friend who's an avid hiker, a 46er and is working on her W46. She has iron deficiency anemia.

    She loves hiking in the High Peaks, but dealing with the anemia is a constant struggle. She does struggle on the uphills, having to pause often before moving on. Her dr says her iron is very slowly going up but cannot give her a shot as of yet. She tells me she feels tired at times (ie lack of energy)

    I am quite certain there are hikers and other athletes, including runners, who have anemia and have also struggled. Thus, I am looking for advice for her to help her with her endurance and energy. Much thanks!


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    Is she cooking with cast iron? Sure she's got this one, but just in case....

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