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Thread: Smarts Mt

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    The Clark Pond Loop was old AT, many moons ago. When I went to school we hiked a few remaining pieces of it but the rest had fallen into disuse. Not sure who if anyone has taken up maintenance on it, I'll check with my DOC sources.
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    My guess is that nobody is maintaining the Maskoma Trail part up Smarts from Green's, though it's not in bad shape once you find it. The old Wentworth Road from the Moose Mt. col tot he Green's lot is another story... beyond where the old trail meets the road about halfway (?) down the east slope I haven't been able to find it (haven't looked very hard) as suspect it's been gobbled up by roads and other development... it would be cool to be able to retrace the Clark Pond Loo-p, wouldn't it? I seem to thin I remember it from college days in the '70s
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