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Thread: Dartmouth College Looking for a Caretaker in the Second College Grant

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    Dartmouth College Looking for a Caretaker in the Second College Grant

    I was looking through the weekly paper in Colebrook today and saw an ad for a "dream job" for just the right person, caretaker for the 2nd College Grant. 27,000 acres behind a gate and the caretaker has the keys. Reportedly some of the most remote and pristine fly fishing in NH. Of course the downside is dealing with Dartmouth Outing Club guests who may or may not be that familiar with the north woods. I expect 20 years ago there would probably be folks lined up for the job, these days I expect there will be far less competition

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    Most of the guests in the Grant know exactly what they're doing, and have been going up there for years. In many cases, decades. The hiking trails are minimal but the bushwacking opportunities are nearly endless. Fishing and hunting also are big draws.

    Nelson Ham, the caretaker when I went to Dartmouth and for many years after was quite the character. Lots of great stories about him.
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