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Thread: Looks like conditions are ripe for spring runoff

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    Looks like conditions are ripe for spring runoff

    I was looking at the various white mountain stream flow sites that I keep an eye on in the area and it looks like spring runoff should be starting up in earnest later this week. The snow pack (yes there is still one up north) is starting to "rot" and a few days of rain and warm temps on Friday will probably set off the melt. The snow pack is not that deep this spring so barring a major rain event it doesn't look like a serious season but I expect stream crossings could be interesting on Saturday.

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    The Swift River in Tamworth was running a bit higher than usual this weekend. The snow pack in town was already pretty patchy, with only shady spots and deeper drifts left. Last year we dug out a grill at the end of March (in 3 feet of snow), so quite the change from last year.
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    The Crawford Path was in great shape today, well packed. We wore micro-spikes all day & even stepping off to the side to let people by did not involve going over the boot height. Friday's warm weather may change that although the first weekend of Spring looks cold so it should firm up some where it's not rotting out from underneath.
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