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Thread: Big list of WMNF toilet facility closures

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakbagger View Post
    Its the same closure of the Cutler River Drainage from a few days ago just with added emphasis that the parking lots are closed and the threat of towing on RT 16.

    Its definitely a common sense move to scare the tourists out of the area, I am not so sure if it will scare the hardcores as they will go elsewhere.
    Oh. When I saw "Cutler River Drainage" I think I took that as Raymond Cataract skiing area not realizing it encompassed the whole area. I didn't see a map in the original articles. Thanks for the clarification for a "flatlander".
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    Technically you are right there are actually a couple of drainages that flow north to the Androscoggin Water Shed and one that flow south to the Saco. The USFS has a long term no camping rule in the designated "Cutler River Drainage with the exception of Hermit Lakes lean tos and Harvard Cabin

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    Quote Originally Posted by JToll View Post
    Olympic National Forest in Washington has closed all trailheads. I wonder if this will happen in the White or Green Mountain National Forests?
    One can only hope.
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    The Friday Conway Daily Sun mentions that Vail Corp has closed complete access to Attitash and working with the forest service to do the same at Wildcat. Wildcat is difficult as their lease calls for public access when the ski area is closed.

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