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Thread: Quick hike up South Moat

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    Quick hike up South Moat

    I went and got my local exercise today with a quick trip up South Moat from Passaconaway road. I got to the parking lot around 8 AM. There was one camper with Mass plates with the privacy shutters closed so I expect they were camping. There was one other car on the lot. I headed up and saw no one. The trail was almost ice and snow free, no need for traction. It was a definite day for extra space in the pack as It was 32 degrees when I got out of the car but warmed up quickly so I was constantly taking gear off. The skies were a bit hazier than expected but still a lot of nice views.After a quick break at the top, I headed down and met a variety of hikers ranging from what appeared to be experienced to under equipped groups. Lot of couples with dogs. The South Moat trail is quite wide with plenty of room for social distancing and it looked like everyone respected it. When I came down to the parking lot, it was full with a 3 cars out on the road. Part of the lack of parking was that some folks appear to believe in social distancing for their cars I was down before noon . To answer a question from a prior trip I did a quick scan of the plates in the parking lot. About 1/4 Maine 1/4 Mass and the rest NH with a couple other states mixed in (could be rentals).

    I needed to stop by the local grocery store and was not thinking so I did the run down RT16 from the West Side road to Shop and Save. There was very little traffic. Shop and Save has the "new normal" shopping experience in place. I have normally been getting my food at Walmart in Gorham which has a lot of stock shortages but Shop and Save was quite well stocked. Many restaurants have open flags but its tough to determine if they are actually open, others do a better job at it. I stopped at my new go to Mexican Place, Luchador Tacos, it was previously a regional sandwich shop about half way down the strip. They a have large format menu posted on the front windows along with the phone number or you can go in and order at the counter with appropriate distancing. Strangely I have not tried the tacos yet as they have a Chipolte quality Burrito without a 90 mile drive to the nearest Chilpolte. Not a deep menu but they have the basics.

    Heading back up Rt 16 the only trailhead with many cars in it was Nineteen Mile brook and it still had plenty of space. .
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