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Thread: Mountain biker jumps the Cog

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    Mountain biker jumps the Cog

    Video of a mountain biker jumping the Cog.

    1:51 in length.

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    Cool, but wonder how many folks now have it set in their mind that's its okay to mountain bike the cog?

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    Would love to see a permenant course down on Cog property. NH needs more of the mountain bike courses. My son and grandsons ride the few there is now.

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    Watched with sound on mute, did I miss the part with the Do not try this on your own, this is a professional rider disclaimer? (FWIW, I prefer watching the Warren Miller daredevils, I do not participate in either other than riding a bike for exercise and walking up mountains.)

    Assuming much of the riding was from single tract areas and not all on Mt. Washington. When was this done, vegetation would assume this was done in 2019, or earlier, at least the footage of riding in the trees as we are barely past buds & flowers on trees in SE CT.

    I see too many riders riding on trails they are not supposed to be on already. Granted, access may be an issue. Many of New Hampshire's trails have seen 100 years of foot travel. Do we have any bicycle areas with fifty years of use? How much maintenance is used to keep them from being rutted out tracks.

    IMO, the wear and tear on the surfaces is greater by bicycles, especially when wet and soft. They are best used on maintained trails meant for bicycle travel. Private Property that is maintained to be challenging for single track and more exciting than touring on a rail trail should be encouraged.

    If the Cog was to encourage riding along their ROW, They would likely need a waiver of liability similar in nature to the ski resort waiver as few others have stood up in court. (Look how hockey arenas and ball parks have put up netting, even if they were not losing suits from fans being hit, in all the state jurisdictions, the legal cost defending the waiver on the back of the tickets was a cost they have not lowered/likely close to eliminating.
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    This video would be cooler if instead, it was the Cog train that jumped the mountain biker, landing aligned back on the tracks, and then continued on down.

    Ps - Man I bet Red Bull shelled out a lot for this one.
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