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Thread: Dont Mess with a Loon

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    Dont Mess with a Loon

    Pretty bizarre case of prey getting the best of predator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peakbagger View Post

    Pretty bizarre case of prey getting the best of predator.
    I saw this. I swim in a local pond that has a few loons. I was in the middle of it last summer with my daughter when one surfaced not 10 feet from us. As you can imagine, they're not small. And they move like a missile. I wouldn't want to take a hit from one. One of the most beautiful birds I've seen. or heard.
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    I love this story in showcasing the complexity of predator-prey relationships. Also the forensics details are fascinating. I have had the fortune of holding and trying to control adult loons while biologists worked over either the subject or it's chick. I was heavily warned of the danger of the sharp beak and the powerful neck. It is a balance of strong hold yet gentle enough not to smother the animal. The strength of the neck is quite evident, and that beak near your face alarming.

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