Bayle Mt Trail from Parking Area on Marble Rd

Bayle Mt Trail: First stretch is a logging road. In good shape with bridge crossings. Minor mud that was avoidable. Once you enter the hiking trail portion you encounter one small blow down that's easy to step over. Trail is other wise clear and in nice shape. The tread is easy to follow, but if you need blazes to follow a trail, you might struggle a bit.

Special Equipment
Bug net helpful for the flies. Sunscreen probably good if you want to linger on the ledges

The preliminary evidence suggests that outdoor transmission is unlikely, so we opted to meet up with a local friend (while maintaining social distancing) who we hadn't seen since the winter. We still opted to stay local and somewhat obscure (although we still saw a family of 4 and 2 other solo hikers). Beautiful views of the Ossipee range and to the east.