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Thread: East Royce, West Royce via East Royce Trail thru Basin Trail 5/31/2020

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    East Royce, West Royce via East Royce Trail thru Basin Trail 5/31/2020

    East Royce Trail
    Unmarked Spur (to true summit and northern ledges)
    East Royce Trail
    Royce Connector
    Royce Trail
    Basin Rim Trail
    Basin Trail

    East Royce Trail: One large blow down maybe a quarter mile up. Two heard paths forming around it (lower one was easier). Otherwise clear and in good shape
    Unmarked Spur: Well noted in the guide. Tread is easy to follow, but it's not marked, so some might have trouble. It's a bit grown in, so it has a wilderness feel to it. Worth the trip for the addition view.
    Royce Connector: Clear with minor mud
    Royce Trail: One blow down shortly after leaving the pass, otherwise clear and in good shape with some minor mud.
    Basin Rim Trail: One blow down maybe a third of a mile from West Royce, otherwise clear and in great shape. Really beautiful trail.
    Basin Trail: Clear and dry with one minor blow down a bit above upper Hermit Falls loop junction. The crossing was low enough that we could go just a it upstream and keep our feet dry.

    Special Equipment
    Sun screen for the ledges. Wind kept the bugs at bay most of the day, but some skeeters were annoying near The Basin.

    Had just about the best weather possible for a late May hike with cool temps and a breeze and mostly sunny conditions. A short car drop enabled a nice point-to-point hike. Saw a dozen or so other people (and probably 5 other dogs) mostly around East Royce; all hikers were solo or in small groups (< 5 people), and everyone was giving space to let other pass. People seemed really happy to be out and about (not that hikers are typically a sullen bunch); it was refreshing to see people really enjoying themselves. The parking lot was full at 10:30, although the trail head is shared with the Spruce Hill Trail (up to Speckled), so the trail wasn't as busy as the lot might have suggested.
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