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Thread: Mt Shaw via Snowmobile Trails 6/14/20

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    Mt Shaw via Snowmobile Trails 6/14/20

    Parked at the parking area for Bayle Mtn on Marble Road. Crossed the bridge then went left onto the snowmobile trail. Note: there are several junctions with other old logging roads in the area.
    High Ridge Trail

    Snowmobile Trail: The lower portions are very grassy with lots of ticks. Almost no mud thanks to the dry weather. Some signage to help guide snowmobile traffic.
    High Ridge Trail: Clear and gentle for the short portion we used.

    Special Equipment
    Tick treatment for pets and clothing would be good. We pulled off dozens of ticks (mostly wood tickets, but 1 deer tick).
    Sun screen as the trail is wide and pretty sunny.
    Bug spray might help, but the skeeters weren't too bad once you got past the parking lot. Some black flies, but not worth putting on the net.

    Took the back way up this 52 with a view peak. Saw no one on trail (although the parking lot was full once we parked) until we hit the LRC network. Summit was crowded with hikers enjoying the beautiful weather and unique view to the north that Shaw offers. Our friend took a dip in the brook just down the road from the parking area after the hike and reports that it was extremely refreshing.
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