A FYI to someone trying to drive through Gorham starting this week, the way that ATVs access the ATV trail network is changing. Previously all ATV traffic from the commercial strip in Gorham south of the northern junction of RT 16 North and RT2 west turned left onto RT 2 and headed west to a ATV parking lot. This section of RT 2 is narrow and the ATV traffic turning off RT2 and turning back on really backed up the traffic. There is now a new primary access to the trail network on RT 16 North immediately after the railroad trestle that goes over the highway. This is rarely noticed tunnel under the set of railroad tracks that runs parallel on the west side of the road. There is large new ATV parking lot where the Eastern Depot Restaurant is now located (just south of the auto dealers). This will probably back up RT 16 traffic north of RT 2 but should make RT2 traffic somewhat better. Note ATVs still can drive on RT2 to the former access but there should be far less ATV traffic.

Of course anyone heading up RT 16 from Pinkham Notch has the option to skip Gorham entirely and take the Dolley Copp/Pinkham B road (which still has the infamous paved rocky section on the west end).

Note, there is a small parking lot under the railroad bridge on the East side of the used to access the Mahoosuc trail and bike network across from this access. No doubt some ATV folks will attempt to park there despite it being poorly configured for large trucks with trailers.