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Thread: How crowded mid-week?

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    Just a couple of observations.

    A few Mondays back I arrived at Ravine Lodge around 9:30 am and the lot was overflowing. Instead I went to Glencliff and there was one one car in the lot. I had the trail to myself until I reached the Carriage Boulevard. The main summit was crowded with folks seemingly negotiating for space in the summit area. On the way back I stopped at S Peak and after a few minutes had it to myself! On the trip back to the car I ran into two folks.

    Last Monday I went to N Kinsman on the Mt Kinsman Trail. I arrived at the lot around 1 pm and got the last space, but it's not that large a lot. I ran into few folks coming down from Bald Peak but then only an occasional hiker the rest of the way, even on the ridge. At the overlook ledge near the summit I again had it all to myself.

    So overall I managed okay in terms of finding some solitude. I would also note I didn't see much in the way of litter etc.

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    A few weeks ago I arrived at Appalachia at 8:30 am on a weekday and got the last spot in the lot. Two weeks ago I arrived at Rocky Branch at 8:30 am on a Friday and there was one other car in the lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikehikeskifish View Post
    I remember encountering Puck on Lafayette back in 2014 or so and he had counted well north of 700 visitors by mid day.

    In the course of trailhead stewarding last year, the max count I tallied was 900 -- on a Saturday at the Old Bridle Path trailhead. Not a complete count for Lafayette, as it didn't capture the folks hitting Lafayette from Garfield or Flume-Liberty, or the ones who successfully escaped being greeted.

    An analog...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hikerbrian View Post
    This is an estimate, right? Like one of those wildly exaggerated wind speed estimates? "I was just up there, it was blowing about 180-190" kind of thing? Please tell me it's an estimate. Because Holy. Crap.

    Thank you all so much for the info and suggestions. It sounds like there are possibilities as long as one stays well off the beaten path. I really appreciate it.
    I did Washington on "Seek The Peak" weekend a couple of weeks back up Great Gulf and down Nelson Crag/Madison Gulf. Topping out on the headwall and joining Gulfisde there were groups of people all the way to summit that were no more than 10-15' apart all the way to the summit sign so while I'm sure he didn't literally count 700 people the number doesn't really shock me. Last week I went up Huntington to summit and down Boott Spur/Boot Spur Link. Tuckerman's was obviously Tuckerman's but even Boott Spur had an easy 100 people or so coming up while I descended. I've been getting out really early, generally hiking by 5AM on Saturdays, and the parking lots are jacked/near full with cars well down roads almost everywhere but I'm not seeing many people at all until well into morning, even on the more popular trails. Really hope it stays that way. Been working out pretty well.

    I will say too on the trash front I've been pleasantly surprised at how little I have seen. I can't really say for sure but it seems like the really bad hit areas are water related attractions like ponds and rivers and day hike stuff like that. Other than some TP on Jewell Trail in the usual scrub nooks at treeline I've been on some pretty popular trails and they've looked good. Maybe I got lucky and hit the trails after clean up efforts too. Sounds like some groups have been getting out there to do clean ups.
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